What's Wrong With Retail

This Is What’s Wrong With Retail

This is what’s wrong with retail! HMV recently went bankrupt, which is a good indication that whatever they were doing, wasn’t working. Sunrise Records takes over their locations and changes nothing but the sign on the front of the store. Same location, same look, same products and same mediocre customer experience. Should we be surprised […]

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The Power in Creating a Vision

Vision – The Power of Mindset

“You will never consistently outperform the image you hold of yourself” We are all told to set goals, but when you write them down and have a date as to when you will achieve them, do you actually see yourself as the person who will achieve them?  For most people, you don’t achieve more or reach […]

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Lessons I Learned From an Ed Sheeran Concert

I had the pleasure of going to New York City last week with my wife and fifteen year old daughter to see the first of three sold out shows at Madison Square Garden by Ed Sheeran. At fifteen, my daughter is very interested in music and what she likes does sometimes differ from what I […]

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Develop A Sales Culture – Everyone Is In Sales!

You can overcome your revenue problems by developing a sales culture in your organization. Everyone sells!! Sales, IT, Finance, HR, the receptionist….EVERYONE must be selling the value of your products, services and the reputation of your company, and the sales culture must start with the leadership team. Every member of the leadership team must be […]

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Three Powerful Questions For Continous Improvement

Regardless of what you do, in every situation you will get a result.  It may not always be the result you want but it is a result.  People have a tendency of thinking unresourcefully when evaluating their action, which reduces the opportunity to learn and therefore improve.  Because much of how we think is done […]

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