What part of your life you would like to improve? Do you know where to start? Here are five steps you can take right now to help you achieve higher levels of success. Each step is designed to challenge you to become a better person and support you in achieving your goals.

1. Be Willing to Stretch
This doesn’t mean stretch your body; it means that you must be willing to stretch or expand your comfort zone. There are two laws of human nature. The first is that we gravitate to our comfort zone and the second is that all growth happens when we step beyond our comfort zone. Begin with simple things and build strength. You will find as your try new things, they become more comfortable with every attempt.

2. Play Full Out
Playing full out means giving every challenge, all you have. The barrier that prevents most adults from playing full out is the concern we have for what others will think. What if we don’t succeed? What if I look foolish? These thoughts hold us back from playing full out and prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. Baseball has their homerun hitters, who very often strike out while taking big wild swings at the ball and they do it in front of thousands of people. Be willing to risk taking some big wild swings for what you want. Your life is worth living and you deserve to achieve your goals, so play full out!

3. Play SMART
You should have a “SMART” plan for what you want to achieve. The plan should include written goals and a strategy for achieving them. It should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time based. If you require help, identify what you need, where you can get it and put it in the plan. Schedule time to review your progress and ensure that you are on track.

4. Play Fair
For you to improve your life, you must be able to develop positive relationships with people. Learn to treat others fairly. Honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect are the foundation of personal leaderships. You may not always agree with others but by playing fair, you can try to understand and appreciate them.

5. Have FUN!
Life is too short for doing something you do not enjoy. Learn to have fun with everything you do and help others to do the same. When you are having fun, your work has more meaning and you will do a better job. When you are having fun in what you do, it will have a positive impact on your health; physically, mentally and emotionally.

These five steps can be a foundation for living a life of continued improvement. Challenge yourself to improve by practicing them every day and take your life to a new level of success.