If You Have a Problem….Run!

We are all facing challenges that are having a negative impact on how we feel.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, don’t just sit there..move!   These powerful emotions can overtake us, causing a downward spiral, impacting all areas of our life.  Before you know it, you can see an effect in your work, your relationships and your physical health.   What can you do now to start changing how you feel?

Walk… run…exercise….learn to move your body!  Studies are showing that there is a connection between how we use our body and how we feel.  By changing how you move, your posture, breathing or facial expression, you will begin to change how you feel immediately.  Findings from a Duke University Medical Centre study demonstrated that 30 minutes of invigorating exercise at least three times a week could be just as effective as drug therapy in relieving the symptoms of major depression in the short term and if continued, exercise greatly reduced the chances of the depression returning.

Consider that when we are feeling negative emotions, our body tends to contract.  When we are feeling positive emotions our body tends to expand.   By walking, running, going to the gym or taking a yoga class, you are moving and expanding your body in many ways.  You will begin to feel more positive and improve your self image.  Exercise is a win-win-win situation for you.  It contributes to building strength; physically, mentally and emotionally.  So walk, move and breathe your way to feeling happier, healthier and living a more productive life.