The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program

Change a Child’s Life In a Day

The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program for Charity is the best team building program you will ever experience! This fun, engaging and powerful program will challenge your people to produce results with limited resources. It will have them discover that success is never defined by the resources you have and will always be determined by how resourceful you are. They will have to be creative in their approach and achieve the needed results within limited time?

Are your customers top of mind – all the time? The answers are enlightening.

In an already challenging environment, when your customers will continue to be relentless in demanding more value, organizations must be focused on creating an outstanding customer experience.  The end surprise will bring this all to light.


“The event was transformational and the associates are still talking about this week!”
Coca-Cola Canada

The Home Depot

“Outstanding feedback from the team on your team build session. They were deeply moved by the bicycle portion and sharing with the kids. We are all reminding ourselves how we can operate at LEVEL 12. Your session was a true inspiration to all of us.”
Vice President, Information Technology
The Home Depot Canada


"Dan challenges us to be the best that we can be. I find the content, delivery and applicability of the program very powerful. We have been energized to a Level 12 performance !!”
Nestle Ice Cream

Black & McDonald

“Loved it! I have been thinking about Level 12 ever since.”
“Fantastic – best team building program ever and Amazing Race was hard to beat.”
“This session kept getting better as it went on….I underestimated its content at first and came out as one of the best sessions in a long time. Rated it 12 out of 12.”
“This was great!!! Really put things into perspective.”
“A truly emotional event that not only reinforces the team building aspect but even more importantly made everyone extremely proud to work for B&M!”
National Sales Conference, Participant Comments
Black & McDonald

What Your People Will Learn

– You must focus on an outstanding customer experience
– It’s not the resources you have, it is how resourceful you are
– The power of communication and collaboration
– The strength in working together
– Everything you do has an impact

Outstanding Program Design, Execution & Results!

It Is Engaging

The program is powerful from the outset and engages people immediately in a way that they have never experienced before!

"More feedback yesterday afternoon and today about the
morning event 
than any other team building event we have run.”
President & CEO, HP Canada

It Is Impactful

The program is designed to have an immediate impact by providing skills and strategies for improving results, that you can utilize right away!

“You did a great job at teaching our team how to
breakthrough to a new level of success!”

President, Lexmark Canada

It Is Strategic

Your program will be designed with your specific objectives in mind. Everyone is different and a standard, “out of the box” solution will not help you achieve high performance.

“The design and facilitation of the day
certainly lived up to the promise.”

Vice President - HR Infrastructure & Operations
Canadian Tire Corporation

It Is Incredibly Fun!

Why should the sessions be fun? Research shows that when you’re having fun when you learn…the learning goes in deeper, you retain it longer, it is easier to recall and you are far more likely to use what you have learned.

“Best session in recent memory…this will be tough to beat!”
Participant Comments from a Managers Training Session - CIBC