The Quality of Your Communication

Business communication is multidimensional and if you are relying on one mode, you are restricting your growth.  Your communication is divided three ways:

1. The words you choose. (“I think you’re mistaken” or “You’re wrong”)
2. Your voice qualities or how you say something (tone, tempo etc.)
3. Your physiology or how you use your body when you say your words. (posture, facial expression etc.)

Research shows that words account for 7% of your communication, how you say something is 38% and how you use your body accounts for 55% of your communication.  We have sayings that support this.  “Talk is cheap”….”It’s not what you say, but how you say it” and “action speaks louder than words”.

You can say ”You’re intelligent” and by varying your voice qualities slightly, it can change from a statement of fact to questioning if you are intelligent.  The same two words, but you may be sending two completely different messages.   The impact of your communication is not only on others, but you as well.  How you communicate sends a message to you and the person or people you are communicating to.  If your goal is to communicate a sense of certainty to your team, you must first have an internal conversation that makes you feel absolutely certain about what you are going to say.

My next few blogs will explore the various aspects of communication and provide you with the strategies needed to be a powerful communicator and develop the skills for influencing others for the greater good.