Planning An Event Is Never Easy

When planning a bike build team building program for charity,children celebrating you have many good companies to choose from and what we all have in common is, we are all looking to help you and help children.  Ever since we created The Ultimate Bike Build Program over ten years ago, we are always asked what the key points are for having a great bike build team building program for charity.  The program has become recognized as the best available anywhere and we felt it was important to share some critical keys that make this program the best, so when you are looking at bike build programs, you will know if the quality is at LEVEL 12.

These Are Some Important Keys For A Great Bike Build Team building Program

  • You need a company that organizes everything for you.  The bikes, having the kids attend the program and coordination with the venue
  • You need a company that customizes the messaging in the program to meet your specific requirements.
  • You should use a 20″ bicycle.  Some companies will use an 18″ bicycle or smaller but this is an error in judgement. They provide great cost saving to the bike build company (not that it is passed on to you) but the children will grow out of them quickly.  Remember, we are doing this for children who cannot easily get another bicycle, so we want them to have it for as long as possible.  A 20″ bicycle can provide can provide years of good use from age 7 up to the age of 12 or 13.
  • You have to have an outstanding facilitator.  If all the person does is instruct you to build a bike, you can do that yourself.  The facilitator must have energy and be able to engage the participants in a fun and dynamic way.
  • Have music!  Music sets a tone when people are coming in and throughout the program

This should be more than an opportunity to give bicycles to children (which is a great thing on its own).  It should provide impactful learning and be a meaningful experience that shows the participants that they can be more then they believe they are.

Do your homework and choose an organization that has a proven track record for these key points.