LEVEL 12 is a company, a thought process, a feeling, a philosophy.  It means holding yourself to a higher standard and taking your success to a new level; a level most people may not believe you can achieve.  Regardless of your past or current results, you can take your success to LEVEL 12. 

LEVEL 12 is a world leader in engaging and developing high performing people, with a proven track record for success. (Client Results) You will learn leading edge strategies for achieving outstanding success by transforming human behavior.  We will show you how to build strength physically, mentally and emotionally, so you can take the action necessary and achieve the results you must have.

Your time is NOW and we can support you in developing outstanding success regardless of the economy, the competition or your past results.

Discover the science of success conditioning:
     *  The driving force behind all human behaviour
     *  How top performers build mental & emotional strength, both consciously and unconsciously
     *  Learn what the real key to self motivation actually is

People who are recognized as the best, create their own high performance results—in good times and bad.  Whatever you do, we will show you how to improve and become the dominating force in your field.

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Dan Perdue is President of LEVEL 12 and a leading expert in developing high performing people. His strategies in leadership, sales, high performance training and coaching have been successfully utilized by the very best in business, sports and entertainment. He is trained and certified in Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC), which is the science of success conditioning and one of the most powerful strategies for conditioning your mind and emotions to behave in ways that will consistently lead you in the direction of your goals. Dan’s approach is to challenge you…physically, mentally & emotionally, while giving you LEVEL 12 strategies & the ongoing support needed to succeed.

“I know the passion for contribution has lit an unquenchable fire in you that can only
be satisfied by knowing that you are among the few who do, versus the many who talk”
– Tony Robbins