The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program For Charity

You Can Change a Child's Life In a Day!

Great for Group Sizes of 15 and up!

Timeframe: 90 minutes - 2 Hours - 3 Hours (Recommended)

These Are Just a few of Our Clients!

“Outstanding feedback from the team on your team build session. We are all reminding ourselves how we can operate at LEVEL12. Your session was a true inspiration to all of us.”
Vice President, IT

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"Awesome session today! I have been a Zehrs Manager for over 25 years and have been to dozens of team building sessions that just fade from memory right after you leave the room...this one was the best by far and I know we will not forget it! Thank You!"


This Program is Absolutely Second to None!

LEVEL 12 has taken team building to another level and will give you the best team building program you have ever experienced!

The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program for Charity is North America's best bike build program! These key factors are what make this program better than anything else you can find:

Content & Design

Don’t be fooled; there are bike programs and then there is The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program. Our program is current, with a unique and sophisticated design that is more fun, engaging and will have more impact than anything you have ever experienced!


We do everything! Once you make the decision to choose LEVEL 12, we take over from there and will handle all the details from ordering the bikes, shipping to the venue and speaking with your contact at the venue to help with the planning.  We will also coordinate all the details with the social organization for the donation. (i.e Boys & Girls Club, Big Sisters / Big Brothers or one of your choosing)...Every detail will be handled! 

Program Customization & Planning

We appreciate that you will have specific messaging that you want to be communicated to your team.  We can have as many calls as you need to make sure the program exceeds your goals and objectives.


Dan Perdue is an outstanding facilitator, who engages and captivates the audience from the moment he steps on stage. From the first time you speak with Dan, you will immediately recognize his energy, passion, and outstanding communication skills.

Affordable For Small Groups & Large!

"I had the unforgettable opportunity to witness and participate in LEVEL 12’s Bike Build Team Building portion of our conference! Dan has transformed the lives of our high performing team members. He not only motivated, inspired and captivated over 500 people in attendance, he left us in tears as he pulled on our heartstrings during the final moments of his LEVEL12 experience!”

Territory Sales Manager

"The event was transformational and the associates are st​ill talking about this week!”

Director Human Resources

"Honestly no words can describe the incredible day that we had. You are amazing!!! I can’t keep up responding to all the e-mails from staff. Everyone had the best time ever!"

 Event Organizer

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