Powerful Strategies For Developing High Performing People

LEVEL 12 strategies for high performance are powerful, flexible and apply to everyone. They have been utilized by world class organizations for improving results. Our expertise in program design provides you with options that will exceed your expectations!

    -  Any size group: 5, 10, 100 or 1000

    -  Virtual Programs, Conference Events and Keynotes

    -  Executives, sales or front line workers

We will listen to you and provide a solution that is based on your requirements and deliver outstanding results!

Team Building – Sales – Leadership – Conferences & Keynotes

1. Make It Engaging

LEVEL 12 offers a powerful and engaging teaching and learning methodology that integrates best educational practices into a unified whole. This synergistic approach to the learning process covers both theory and practice. It has been proven to increase achievement and improve attitudes toward the learning process. 

2. Make It Strategic

Every program is designed with your specific objectives in mind. Everyone is different and a standard, “out of the box” solution will not help you achieve high performance. We will take the time to understand your needs and design a session strategy that will achieve the outcome you are looking for

3. Make It Impactful
Top performers have no time to waste. All LEVEL 12 programs are designed to have an immediate impact by providing skills and strategies that you can utilize right away! Participants are encouraged to put lessons into action as they are being taught. This also conditions an unconscious pattern that can eliminate procrastination.

4. Make It Fun!

Why should the sessions be fun? Research shows that when you’re having fun when you learn…the learning goes in deeper, you retain it longer, it is easier to recall and you are far more likely to use what you have learned. 

Team Building

“More feedback about the morning event than any other team building event we have run. A major contributor to a successful day.”
President & CEO – HPCanada


“We were driven to realize that the impossible is almost always possible and our pre-conceptions are our greatest limiters.”
President, Randstad Canada


“The content, delivery & applicability of the program is very powerful. We have been energized to a LEVEL 12 performance !!”

President, Nestle Ice Cream


What you've led us through will never be forgotten, and the legacy you leave and then enable in others, will change the world!  Thank You!"

Director of HR, Woodbine Ent.