LEVEL 12 Leadership

“It made you truly think of how to be a better leader and then helped you think of ways to be a better leader. Most courses I have been on fall short on one or the other. I was impressed with the course and vision of the instructor.”
Business Operations Manager
RSA Insurance

LEVEL 12 Leadership is designed to challenge you to be all you can be. How can you expect to lead others when you struggle to lead yourself? Level 12 leaders exude outstanding qualities and are on the forefront of innovation and growth. They are leaders in business, with their family and in their community. They don’t just talk the talk, they are living, breathing, walking, talking examples of what they expect from others.

The Keys to LEVEL 12 Leadership

Knowledge and experience are not going to be enough if you cannot keep your people highly engaged, providing a sense of purpose that drives them to achieve outstanding results.  You cannot expect to get, that which you are unable to give. For things to change and improve, it must start with leaders changing and improving.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for behavioral change – Anyone can change if you are committed
  • How to create a vision that will inspire and motivate people
  • How to build a high performing and engaging culture
  • The keys to communication, conversation and influence

Who would benefit from this program?
All leaders, prospective leaders and high potentials

“Dan challenges us to be the best that we can be. I find the content, delivery and applicability of the program very powerful. We have been energized to a Level 12 performance !!”
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