“More feedback yesterday afternoon and today about the morning event than any other teambuilding event we have run. It set the right tone for the day and was major contributor to an overall very successful day. Thank you.

President & CEO

HP Canada


“Dan challenges us to be the best that we can be. I find the content, delivery and applicability of the program very powerful. We have been energized to a Level 12 performance !!”
Nestle Ice Cream


“I had the unforgettable opportunity to witness and participate in LEVEL 12’s Bike Build Team Building portion of our conference! Dan has transformed the lives of our high performing team members. He not only motivated, inspired and captivated over 500 people in attendance, he left us in tears as he pulled on our heartstrings during the finalmoments of his Level 12 experience!”

Territory Sales Manager


“Dan’s Breakthrough program challenged all of us to look deep inside ourselves and figure out what’s holding us back from achieving our full potential both personally and professionally. His session was not only engaging, it gave us the tools to break through the self-imposed limits we’ve placed on ourselves”

Vice President, Marketing (Western United States)



“Outstanding feedback from the team on your team build session. They were deeply moved by the bicycle portion and sharing with the kids. We are all reminding ourselves how we can operate at LEVEL 12. Your session was a true inspiration to all of us.”
Vice President, Information Technology

The Home Depot Canada

“The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program with Dan Perdue fulfilled not only our goal of team building for our leaders, but also our CSR program, Community Footprints. By being able to work through a problem solving exercise with the surprise and delight at the end (of the children receiving the bikes), allowed our Ladies and Gentlemen to experience a WOW moment that I am sure they will remember for years to come.”

General Manager
The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto


"The past two days have been truly incredible for myself and all of our employees. The work you do not only transforms organizations, but also communities.  I know I can speak for all the participants when I say, this was the best team building exercise of all time!  What you've led us through will never be forgotten, and the legacy you leave and then enable in others, will change the world!  Thank You!"

Director of Human Resources

Woodbine Entertainment


"Awesome session today! I have been a Zehrs Manager for over 25 years and have been to dozens of team building sessions that just fade from memory right after you leave the room...this one was the best by far and I know we will not forget it! Thank You!"



“I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on yesterday’s event but first I wanted to thank the morning group for sticking with their commitment on integrity and not spoiling it for the afternoon group as we had just as many cheers and tears with them when their group of kids walked in ~ THANK YOU ~

‘It’s more than just a bike’ was definitely a theme yesterday as we heard it from many of the groups in their marketing pitches, we heard it from Bindy who represents the Boys and Girls Club, and we heard it from Dan as part of his debrief of the session and it is very much more than just a bike for those kids. But it was more than just a bike for us too.

The activity and the process taught us that our expectation of having all the tools and resources we need is not the way life works and that it is up to us to be resourceful and more importantly to be the resource for others. It taught us through the simple task of building a bike that without the client in mind in all that we do, we won’t have a business. But most importantly it reminded us about perspective and that even in our own neighborhoods and community there are many people less fortunate than us. Some will not struggle the way others do but none of us are exempt from life pain and we may not all experience the same things and they may not affect us the same way but we all do and hopefully in those times IPC is a place for support and escape.

So let’s thank each other more, lets support each other more, lets blame less and judge less.”

Vice President, Human Resources

Investment Planning Counsel

“I was faced with a salesforce that was not always striving to achieve its very best and this showed in the monthly sales results. Tasked with growing my business and creating a lasting change in my sales staff, I asked LEVEL 12 to both inspire and shock them out of their comfort zone of doing just enough to get by. Dan delivered on both counts with a concentrated program that had my people break out of their comfort zones and achieve more. Since the session, new client acquisition and top line revenue has both improved, particularly in our growth areas of managed services and technology.”

ARC Document Solutions Canada


“As a sales manager, I want more than tired and dated sales training which the market is full of. “THE BREAKTHROUGH” program was extremely powerful and fun for showing everyone how to improve any result, regardless of the economy or any barrier we create in our mind. Dan is an extraordinary individual to work with!”

Sales Manager

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)


“A simple “thank you” wouldn’t do justice to the appreciation I have for all of your efforts at our national sales event in November.  I was convinced from our first conversation that your program embodied exactly the message we hoped to impress upon the one hundred and fifty attendees but I couldn’t have envisioned how perfectly it ultimately worked out.  Due to my team’s miscommunication, your arrival was not a day early, as planned, but rather an hour early!  Your willingness to “charge on” and overcome every imaginable obstacle that laid in front of us (and there are too many to list) was the perfect example of grit and teamwork that we had been communicating to our team throughout the event.  The impact of the bike build and the reveal to the kids was overwhelming.  The impact the next day when I divulged the effort required to overcome the obstacles was equally meaningful.  I can sincerely state that a company’s culture was changed because of your event and your grit.  Thank you for making a difference!”




“Best session in recent memory…this will be tough to beat!”

“Very powerful and I would like to see more sessions like this.”

“It really inspired me in my day to day dealings with my staff and job. I thought it was GREAT”

“Interaction (not role play) is the key element that will help us all to get to know one another

and make us stronger as a unit….Dan Perdue was an excellent choice.”

“This was my first People Manager Session. I hope all going forward will have this level of interaction.”

“I normally do not like these types of sessions but this one was great.”

Participant Comments from a Managers Training Session



“Thank you and your team for an outstanding event. As several people told me, it was not only the highlight of our conference but also the highlight of their time at Purolator.”
Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Purolator Courier


"Honestly no words can describe the incredible day that we had. You are amazing!!! I can’t keep up responding to all the e-mails from staff. Everyone had the best time ever!"

Program Coordinator

Johnson & Johnson


“Dan can show you how to take success to a whole new level. His unique ability to inspire and engage all types of organizational groups is highly entertaining, creating a fun opportunity for you to apply immediately the experience to your day to day life. I would highly recommend Dan to any organization who is looking for an opportunity to increase overall morale and organizational cohesiveness.”

President and COO

SaskTel International


“Thank you helping our team determine what it will take to “step up and stand out”. We have an aggressive agenda ahead and “The Power of Personal Leadership” will help us stretch and play full out. The design and facilitation of the day certainly lived up to the promise. My team and I found the day to be practical and thought provoking. You contributed knowledge, experience and provided invaluable learning opportunities for each team member. The process of self-discovery and the ideas generated that day were immediately applicable. The day created a foundation that will help us accomplish our objectives.”
Vice President, HR Infrastructure & Operations

Canadian Tire Corporation


“You did a great job at teaching our team how to breakthrough to a new level of success!”
Lexmark Canada


“The event was transformational and the associates are still talking about this week!”

Director – Human Resources

Coca-Cola Canada


“LEVEL 12 was a dynamic addition to our National Sales Meeting. Dan handled all of the logistics and provided an outstanding and life changing event for our reps. Team building is always an important part of our agenda, but this time we took it to another level: LEVEL 12!”

Program Coordinator

StatLab Medical Products – McKinney, Texas


“I just want to thank you again for a WONDERFUL experience!  The feedback has been terrific! We all thought the build-a-bike program was fantastic! It was completely different than most charity events, in that you learned valuable business lessons while having fun and contributing to the youth of the community.  It was a very rewarding night for our sales teams.”  


Abbott Toxicology

"I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime meeting.  The meeting was so well received and still being talked about.  I have been with the company for 20+ years and never has any speaker received a standing ovation.  I hope to work with you in the future."

Event Coordinator

Ensinger Inc.


“Loved it! I have been thinking about Level 12 ever since.”

“Fantastic – best team building program ever and Amazing Race was hard to beat.”

“This session kept getting better as it went on. I underestimated its content at first and came out as one of the best sessions in a long time. Rated it 12 out of 12.”

“This was great!!! Really put things into perspective.”

“A truly emotional event that not only reinforces the team building aspect but even more

importantly made everyone extremely proud to work for B&M!”

National Sales Conference, Participant Comments

Black & McDonald


“Dan conducted three full day workshops across the country for us. The primary purpose of the sessions was to challenge high performing sales people to unleash their full potential and achieve even greater levels of performance. The sessions achieved exactly that. Staff members were driven to realize that the impossible is almost always possible and our pre-conceptions are our greatest limiters. Dan’s content and style made the events truly successful.”

Former President

Randstad Canada


“The CaroMont Health Leadership Retreat ended with 20 bikes being built for kids from the Greater Gaston Boys and Girls Club. We grew as a team, as individuals, and as a community. And it was through the great work of Dan Perdue and his company Level 12. The best quote from a manager was “this is why I came to work for CaroMont and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work with such great people with big hearts.”
I was told today that this event was the single most meaningful experience one of our Vice Presidents has experienced. He has been with us over 30 years. He said that this event has prompted him to reevaluate some things in his life. Our managers haven’t stopped talking about it. On Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving, and I will give thanks for having met you.”

Vice President, Human Resources

CaroMont Health


“WOW – what an awesome event you put on this week!! My staff is still inspired and talking about it. Without a doubt it was the best team building event we have ever done!!! I love your energy and enthusiasm and your belief in possibilities”
Vice-President, Atlantic and Eastern Ontario Operations

Farm Credit Canada


“I want to express BIG THANKS from the Nestle Expert Network for an outstanding job and making our lives – both personal and professional – better than before. I can definitely say – you stand ahead in your field and were well received by all!!! We look forward to engaging you in the future.”

Director Business Excellence

Nestle Canada


“It was so great to have you at our staff day yesterday! People are still raving about the experience, it was amazing.”

Events Manager

The International Centre


“Dan delivered an exceptional keynote to our members at our Annual Conference this year. In less than an hour, he conveyed a powerful and lasting message of the need for passion in leading within your organization and within your own personal life.
We look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Manager, Professional Development

Certified General Accountants of Ontario


“Thank you for making this a successful IMG – very well planned out and executed. There’s still a lot of buzz about the learnings from this event and why caring makes us much better leaders.”

Chief Operating Officer

CAA South Central Ontario


“This workshop re-enforced our need to cooperate with each other, to utilize our individual strengths for the common goal and to focus on the customer. I would certainly recommend this program to any organization seeking an uplifting and powerful learning experience.”
Senior Vice President, Human Resources,

LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario)


“Dan provides creative,motivational and inspirational input and thought processes to any project he gets involved in. When hired by Lexmark for a company wide team building event most of the participants, including myself said it was by far the best experience they had had with the company. I recommend LEVEL12 to any organization that needs a new perspective and energy injected into any part of their business.”

European Industry Director



“I loved the the positive attitude of Dan. I am personally going through a rough time. I find Dan gave me a reason to continue and improve my ways of achieving higher breakthroughs. Thank you!”

“I really liked Dan’s passion and real life stories relating to the topic, the group interaction

and to be able to break the board”

“The presentation and the way Dan explained each situation with the perfect example was incredible”

“The condensed version covered a lot in a four hour period without sacrificing any critical piece. Very interactive and practical”

“I thought is was great!!

“Four hours was great, but I would love a full day”

Participant Comments from a Managers Training Session

American Express


“Thank you for a powerful day! Your energy is contagious and captivating. The program hit all the key areas we wanted to narrow in on which resulted in positive change for the team. Your fresh thinking and unique delivery style make for a very unique experience!”
Human Resources Manager

General Mills


“It made you truly think of how to be a better leader and then helped you think of ways to be a better leader. Most courses I have been on fall short on one or the other. I was impressed with the course and vision of the instructor.”

Business Operations Manager

RSA Insurance


“Dan highlighted sound service principles with a strong corporate citizenship tie-in. As the facilitator, he raised the energy level of about 150 plus employees and brought it home with a fun-filled exercise and lessons that resonated at a time when the economy created multiple challenges. Dan is zany at times, positive in his approach and understands human interaction.”

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development



“A huge thank you Dan, you are incredible!!!”

Mark Bocek - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Retired UFC Competitor


“On a scale from 1 to 10, we strive for level 10. Dan Perdue’s vision and sincerity showed me that I could go beyond that and achieve level 12. He is a coach, a mentor and a friend.”
Jean Marc Genereux

World Champion Ballroom Dancer

Judge & Choreographer, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Judge, Danse avec les stars – Paris, France


“Being part of the Canadian Olympic Development Team means that my goals are big! I want to compete in the Olympics and my target is Olympic Gold in the 500. Dan is helping me build the mental and emotional strength I need to succeed. He is giving me powerful strategies and teaching me how to put a door in any mental wall I hit. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to change their life and start getting things done; anyone who has a bold vision and very high goals.”
Alexandra Ianculescu

2018 Winter Olympian


“I was hiking in Tuscany when Dan asked me to write a testimonial. Fact is, I wouldn’t hike if it weren’t for Dan. Three years ago, I invited him to speak to college students, mostly in their early 20’s, about creating a vision for success. That speech transformed my life prompting me to ‘retire’ in my early 50’s to pursue a vision of success that put family, health, fitness and lifestyle as my top priorities. Dan’s vision for success has snowballed as I was joined in Tuscany by two friends who were inspired by my example.”
Janice Howard

Principal, Janice Howard Communications


“A fantastic experience!”

Director Human Resources - Candu Services

Atomic Energy of Canada