The Sales Breakthrough

“Dan’s breakthrough program challenged all of us to look deep inside ourselves and figure out what’s holding us back from achieving our full potential both personally and professionally. His session was not only engaging, it gave us the tools to break through the self-imposed limits we’ve placed on ourselves”

Vice President, Marketing (Western United States)


Experience the exhilaration of breaking through the barriers that are holding you back!

This is the perfect program to create the impact needed to BREAK THROUGH whatever is holding you back from being, doing or having what you really want to achieve in sales. Before you can do the things necessary to reach and exceed your sales goals, you must break through the barriers in your mind of procrastination, apathy, fear and more.

The Sales Breakthrough provides a unique opportunity to learn powerful skills for change and improvement in human behavior. You will be introduced to leading edge strategies from psychology and neuro sciences and discover how your mind and emotions come together to directly impact everything you do, or don’t do.

You will discover
    – Where you are, see exactly where you want to be and how to close the         gap between the two.
    – The success attributes utilized by world class athletes, entertainers, and         business leaders.
    – The empowering beliefs that will drive you to get the results you want in         any area of your life
    – How to create sustainable results in good times and bad

The exciting conclusion of offers participants the opportunity to challenge themselves with the physical metaphor of breaking through a one inch thick board. (You don’t have to, but you’ll want to!) See what holds you back, commit to breaking through and take action to create LEVEL 12 success!

“I was faced with a salesforce that was not always striving to achieve its very best and this showed in the monthly sales results. Tasked with growing my business and creating a lasting change in my sales staff, I asked LEVEL 12 to both inspire and shock them out of their comfort zone of doing just enough to get by. Dan delivered on both counts with a concentrated program that had my people break out of their comfort zones and achieve more. Since the session, new client acquisition and top line revenue has both improved, particularly in our growth areas of managed services and technology.”

ARC Document Solutions Canada

“Dan conducted three full day workshops across the country for us. The primary purpose of the sessions was to challenge high performing sales people to unleash their full potential and achieve even greater levels of performance. The sessions achieved exactly that. Staff members were driven to realize that the impossible is almost always possible and our pre-conceptions are our greatest limiters. Dan’s content and style made the events truly successful.”

Former President

Randstad Canada