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The Ultimate Bike Build Team Building Program for Charity is the best team building program you will ever experience! You will have fun, be totally engaged and challenged to produce results, even when it seems you don't have everything you believe you should have. It will have you discover that success is never defined by the resources you have, it will always be determined by how resourceful you are. You will have to be creative in your approach and achieve the needed results with limited time? Demands in business are greater than ever and your customers will always be relentless in wanting more value, regardless of circumstances. You must be able to execute at the highest level when it matters most, and the surprise at the end will highlight how important that really is.

Affordable For Small Groups & Large!

“I had the unforgettable opportunity to witness and participate in LEVEL 12’s Bike Build Team Building portion of our conference! Dan has transformed the lives of our high performing team members. He not only motivated, inspired and captivated over 500 people in attendance, he left us in tears as he pulled on our heartstrings during the finalmoments of his Level 12 experience!”

Territory Sales Manager - Google

These Are Just a few of Our Clients!

What Your People Will Learn
  • You must focus on an outstanding customer experience
  • It’s not the resources you have, it is how resourceful you are
  • The power of communication and collaboration
  • The strength in working together
  • Everything you do has an impact (is good or not?)

Outstanding Design, Execution & Results!

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“The event was transformational and the associates are still talking about this week!”

Director Human Resources - Coca-Cola

"Honestly no words can describe the incredible day that we had. You are amazing!!! I can’t keep up responding to all the e-mails from staff. Everyone had the best time ever!"

Program Coordinator - Johnson & Johnson

"Awesome session today! I have been a Zehrs Manager for over 25 years and have been to dozens of team building sessions that just fade from memory right after you leave the room...this one was the best by far and I know we will not forget it! Thank You!"

Manager - Zehrs