The Ultimate Breakthrough

Discover the most powerful strategies for improving human behaviour

"The past two days have been truly incredible for myself and all of our employees. The work you do not only transforms organizations, but also communities.  I know I can speak for all the participants when I say, this was the best team building exercise of all time!  What you've led us through will never be forgotten, and the legacy you leave and then enable in others, will change the world!  Thank You!"

Director of Human Resources

Woodbine Entertainment

Imagine that fear, apathy, and procrastination, were no longer a factor and instead, you had the confidence, energy and determination needed to succeed. What would your people do? What would they change, give, be, or accomplish? People who create extraordinary results and achieve the highest level of success, share one fundamental power: the ability to turn their fears and limitations into powerful, focused action, regardless of circumstances!  To achieve the next level of success, you must be able to consistently challenge your comfort zone, embrace change and build strength – physically, mentally & emotionally!

“Dan’s Breakthrough program challenged all of us to look deep inside ourselves and figure out what’s holding us back from achieving our full potential both personally and professionally. His session was not only engaging, it gave us the tools to break through the self-imposed limits we’ve placed on ourselves”

Vice President, Marketing (Western United States)


Available in full day, half day & 2 hr. conference versions

Choose the option that is best for you
    * The Team Breakthrough
    * The Sales Breakthrough
    * The Leadership Breakthrough

The Breakthrough is a dynamic, fun and engaging program, designed to help you unlock and unleash your power to break through the barriers that are holding you back and help you achieve results you might have thought to be unattainable.
You will learn powerful skills from psychology and neuro sciences for changing your behavior and developing the skills to think more resourcefully, be more focused and take consistent action for achieving your goals.

You will discover:

    -    Where you are now, see exactly where you want to be and learn how           to close the gap between the two

    -    The success attributes utilized by world class athletes, entertainers,               and business leaders

    -    The empowering beliefs that will drive you to get the results you want           in any area of your life

    -    How to create sustainable results in good times and bad

“Thank you for a powerful day! Your energy is contagious and captivating. The program hit all the key areas we wanted to narrow in on which resulted in positive change for the team. Your fresh thinking and unique delivery style make for a very unique experience!”
Human Resources Manager
General Mills

“We were driven to realize that the impossible is almost always possible and our pre-conceptions are our greatest limiters. Dan’s content and style made the events truly successful.”
President, Randstad

“Best session in recent memory…this will be tough to beat!”
“Very powerful and I would like to see more sessions like this.”
“I normally do not like these types of sessions but this one was great.”

Participant Comments from a Managers Training Session